Stacey Abrams Adviser Defends Alleged Domestic Terrorists, Says They Aren’t Violent

A top adviser for the voting rights nonprofit of notorious election denier Stacey Abrams defended anti-cop rioters who set a police car on fire and broke windows while protesting the death of another rioter this past weekend in Atlanta. 

Marisa Pyle, a senior rapid response manager at Abrams’ Fair Fight Action, also worked as a senior manager for Abrams’ One Georgia leadership committee during her most recent failed run for governor of Georgia. 

The anti-cop rioters were protesting the death of a rioter who was protesting the construction of an Atlanta Police Department training facility when he became violent and shot a police officer. The rioter was shot and killed by police in response.

Pyle quickly rushed to defend the anti-cop rioters after videos surfaced of their destruction.

“You cannot commit violence against a window or a car. Killing a human? Now that, that is violence,” Pyle wrote on Twitter this past weekend. “Shame on Atlanta’s leaders who fall into the same tired path of protecting property while our people are murdered by their police.”

The anti-cop rioters wore masks as they threw rocks, set fires, broke windows, and vandalized walls with anti-police graffiti as they protested the killing of their allegedly murderous fellow rioter. Many of the rioters have been charged with felonies, including domestic terrorism.

D & B Staff

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