Soaring car thefts hit Atlanta’s airport

Motor vehicle thefts are on the rise at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest airport in the world. Fox 5 News reports, “has been informing on the number of thefts over the past month.” The majority of the incident reports come from the North and South Terminal decks.

News reports described the increased car thefts as “soaring.” As reported, “By March 21, the number had risen to 81.” With words intended to comfort the public, the Atlanta City Council members say “they are aware of the situation and are looking for answers.”

Some car theft victims seem to be naïve and or surprised. Reporters found Ben Williams, who is quoted as saying: “It would have never crossed my mind that it could happen.” Williams thought his car was safe and secure inside the parking deck. When he returned to the airport after a trip, “he was in for a shock when it wasn’t there.”

A security guard made a curious admission to Williams. “Oh, well, I think that might have been stolen because I came up on it the night before and people were trying to break into it. I guess they ran off and chased them off.” The security guard claimed “he couldn’t get a license plate for it.”

The thieves are sophisticated and tactical. According to Williams, the security guard alleged that the thieves’ common modus operandi  is bringing a second car and then piggybacking the stolen car through the gate. “The cameras don’t typically catch the second car because it takes one shot for each car,” Williams asserted.

Councilman Michael Julian Bond offered the opinion that “The airport cars are literally sitting ducks for those who want to pursue this type of activity.” Bond says it’s an issue that’s come up over the past six months during the Atlanta City Council Public Safety meetings. “The airport is usually known for low crime.”

The Atlanta City Council is recommending “increased police patrols and more cameras and license plate readers for those entering and exiting the parking decks.” See 3 ½ minute video, news report, Atlanta City Council responds to airport car thefts.

D & B Staff

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