School Shooting and Drug Deal at South Gwinnett High School

A shooting near South Gwinnett High School on May 3 involved an 18-year-old being wounded in the leg on Eastgate Place. A juvenile who police claim was the shooter was arrested “after an investigation.” The Snellville Police announced that the juvenile was taken into custody. Officers applied a tourniquet to the wounded man’s leg and then “medics rushed him to the hospital.”

After the investigation, police allege the assault occurred “around 8:50 a.m. last Wednesday and the attack occurred during a drug deal.” South Gwinnett High School was placed on what has been referred to as a “soft lockdown” as a result of the shooting. The arrest occurred after the lockdown. Parents “were alerted to the situation” before the lockdown was lifted at around noon.

Noteworthy is that “some students told FOX 5 they believed the shooting involved other students from the school, but police have not confirmed that information.” The juvenile suspect faces an aggravated assault charge.

Dismay and an assessment of the mental damage done to school students were expressed by some parents pertaining to this school shooting, and regarding shootings at schools, generally.  “They should be safe at school,” Gwendolyn Willett, a parent of two at the high school, told FOX 5. “They shouldn’t have to worry about this. My kids are traumatized. They aren’t coming back here, they’re done for the year.” A video of approximately two minutes describing the “tense scene” at the school can be viewed here.

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