Remains of a Missing College Park Businessman Identified

Jason Salter and Kenny Guerra, two College Park, Georgia, business partners disappeared over a month ago. Police, friends, and family have searched for them for weeks. Now, the search for them has concluded with a tragic ending. Police reported that the Fulton County Medical Examiners Office on Monday identified a set of remains discovered in Chattahoochee Hills as being 39-year-old Salter. As reported, a second set of remains found in the area have not been identified at this time.

Salter and Guerra were last seen on Feb. 25 in the area of Campbellton and Headland in East Point. Salter’s car was later found in the parking lot of a Family Dollar in the city. As reported, Since their disappearance, friends and family have canvassed their community, putting up flyers. “They have tried just about everything they can think of to find the two best friends and fathers who owned a printing business together.” A photo of the two men can be seen here.

Background information leading up to their disappearance was provided by Courtney Stephens, Salter’s friend, in a statement she made to FOX 5 during one of the searches. “We know he (Salter) went to go meet Kenny, and he was supposed to be at home with his youngest son. And then, he was gone.”

Police say they are investigating the case as a homicide. “Salter’s family is expected to hold a press conference Tuesday at 3 p.m. to address the discovery.”

2 bodies discovered at popular Chattahoochee Hills farm

In addition, and, at the moment unrelated, as the search for Salter and Guerra continued, “Investigators are trying to determine the identity of two bodies found in the woods near a Chattahoochee Hills events center.” As reported, on March 15, “the remains of two bodies were discovered in a wooded area of Chattahoochee Hills, around 20 miles away from where Salter’s car was discovered.” According to the Chattahoochee Hills police chief, “the woods are property of Bouckaert Farm, a massive 8,000-acre property.” Parts of the property are used for weddings, equestrian events, and film productions. Officials have not released any information about “the condition of the bodies or the circumstances behind their discovery.”

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