Powder Springs Police Officers Buy Groceries for Struggling Veteran

Three Powder Springs police officers were heralded for their act of generosity and compassion toward a person that was determined to be an elderly veteran. Officers Yates, Sgt. Ellis, and Sgt. Cheatham-Seay recently observed the elderly man who was described as “visibly struggling.”

Background information disclosed that the man had not eaten in “quite some time.” The unidentified man, perhaps aged in his 90s, told the police that “his VA check was not expected for another three weeks.” The man additionally claimed that “he had lost over 50 pounds in recent weeks because he could not afford food.”

In an act of virtuous magnanimity, “The officers quickly pooled some money and went grocery shopping for him. “They got him plenty of meat and carbs in the hope that it would sustain him for a while.” See photo of food purchased here.

As reported, the officers acted outside their job obligations, “showing that they are more than just brave defenders of the law, but also good humans.” As stated, “This act of kindness demonstrates that police officers, like everyone else, have the ability to help those in need.”

The Powder Springs Police Department issued a statement praising the officers and noting “it was heartening to see that good people wear all kinds of uniforms.” As reported, contrary to the general policy of blurring the face of such a person being publicized, in this instance the face was clearly shown so someone may recognize the man and, hopefully, “might be in a position to help him.”

D & B Staff

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