Off-Duty Georgia Police Officer Ran To Neighbor’s Home, Saved Baby’s Life With CPR

A police officer in Georgia’s Gwinnett County has received a Lifesaving award after he rushed to save a baby’s life by performing CPR while off-duty.

As reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, Cpl. Linsey Meador was at home when a neighbor knocked on his door to tell him their baby had stopped breathing.

“Police said Meador ran to the house and tried to resuscitate the child while his wife called 911,” the report added. “Police said the child is stable now. Medical personnel determined the child stopped breathing because of a seizure.”

In response to the news, Gwinnett County released a statement, saying “Congratulations to Cpl. Linsey Meador on receiving the Lifesaving Award! He was called on to perform CPR on his neighbor’s baby who had stopped breathing due to a seizure.”

“As a result of Cpl. Meador’s quick action, the baby made a full recovery and he contributed to a positive outcome for this family,” Gwinnett County police added.

D & B Staff

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