Nurse Brings Drugs and Other Contraband into Clayton County Jail

A nurse at the Clayton County Jail has been arrested after deputies say she brought a plastic bag full of contraband inside. The nurse, Geraldine Moore, has been charged with crossing what has been described as “a guard line” by attempting to bring into the jail “drugs, guns, or alcohol,” which, unsurprisingly, is a “violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.”

As reported by the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, the allegation is that “Moore brought in the bag and placed it into the trash where inmates frequent. Moore then walked away.” The contraband was “discovered by an investigator,” but reporting does not disclose how the investigators chose to search the trash receptacle. In addition to the drugs, “deputies say there were two cellphones among other items.”

In addition to the contraband place into the trach receptacle, deputies say a “search of Moore revealed 21 oxycodone wrapped in tissues.” A “powerful odor of marijuana” permeated Moore and her possessions, which led investigators to initiate a K-9 search of Moore’s vehicle. Deputies allege that “firearms and more drugs were found inside Moore’s car.” A photograph of Moore can be seen here.

Describing Moore’s conduct as “playing silly games,” Sheriff Levon Allen is quoted as saying “There is nothing you can do to hide, you will be found.” Allen added, “Play silly games, you will win silly prizes.” Moore was booked into the Clayton County Jail. Paperwork and processing have begun to initiate Moore’s termination.

D & B Staff

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