More Georgia Politicians Victims of ‘Swatting’

Sources inform that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was not the only member of congress targeted on Christmas Day. As reported, it appears four Georgia Republican members of Congress and at least one Democrat had their holiday season interrupted by what are categorized as “swatting” calls. Sources say Senators John Albers (R-Dist. 56), Kim Jackson (D-Dist. 41), Kay Kirkpatrick (R-Dist. 32) and Clint Dixon (R-Dist. 45) were also targeted on the Christmas holiday.

In a statement given to FOX5, Sen. Albers is quoted as saying: “This is a sad criminal act which put the lives of first responders and citizens at risk.” Sen. Albers’ description may be too benign or genteel. “Swatting” is a potentially lethal action that causes armed and anxious law enforcement personnel to descend on the property or location of the person targeted for swatting.

As described by reporting, swatting has become a “disturbing criminal trend.” A “swatting call” means someone reports to law enforcement or emergency services false information about a crime that has been committed or is being committed by or at the residence / property of the targeted person. An emergency response is triggered, and that emergency response is usually done by an armed law enforcement team. The armed team “arrives at an unsuspecting person’s address.”

The alleged criminal behavior is often claimed to be severe: “bomb threats, murders, hostage situations, or even fictitious mental health crises, where individuals may be falsely labeled as suicidal or homicidal, potentially armed, among other fabricated scenarios.”

Background information discloses that the term “swatting” is derived from the specialized law enforcement unit known as “SWAT,” short for special weapons and tactics. The SWAT team believes it will engage in “high-risk situations.” Experiencing a home door being smashed or seeing one or more armed persons attempting to enter one’s home, the decision to engage in self-defense will almost certainly lead to one’s death.

Police have revealed “more republican congress members were targeted in “swatting” calls over the holidays.” Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene says this is the 8th time one of these calls has been made about her home. See video addressing GOP congress members that were victims of swatting.

Sen. Albers boldly declared: “We will hunt down and prosecute these faceless cowards.” Sen. Albers didn’t say how these outcomes would be achieved. To date, no “swatter” has been hunted down, and no “swatter” has been prosecuted.

D & B Staff

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