Lululemon Employees Fired After Calling Police on Robbers

Two Lululemon employees in Georgia are now going public with allegations that they were “fired for contacting the police during an attempted robbery and for chasing the criminals out of the store.” According to its website, Lululemon is a clothing store featuring sports and exercise apparel.

Two female employees at a Lululemon store in the metro Atlanta area, “Jennifer Ferguson, a former assistant manager, and Rachel Rogers, were “terminated by the retail chain following an incident captured on video.” As clearly observable, video footage shows Ferguson and Rogers confronting masked robbers who entered the store to steal items. A thirty-two second video shows the thieves nonchalantly gathering clothes, helping each other gather and carry clothes, the confrontation and running away into the parking lot.

Tweet claims the two female employees after they called the police “on a group of thieves.” Whether it is the same perpetrators or others, the “group of thieves has targeted the same Atlanta store several times in the past few months.” In the current instance, the two Lululemon employees “recorded the theft and attempted to get the license plate number of the getaway car.”

As reported and alleged, Ferguson said that the “store’s policy is to stay out of the way of thieves, let them steal, and then scan a QR code to record the loss.” The report emphasizes that employees “are instructed to NOT call the police.” The two employees “were questioned by a regional manager regarding their decision to call the police and were later fired for their actions.” As reported, the thieves were apprehended and charged with felony theft.

D & B Staff

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