Looting Adds to Trout County Storm Devastation

Troup County, Georgia, suffered “significant storm damage and devastation from this weekend’s tornado.” Homes were destroyed; lives were shaken by Nature’s whimsical power. Amidst the suffering and wreckage, the looters descended. “The Troup County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) is adding a large law enforcement presence as reports of looters and trespassers rise following the storm’s damage.”

According to Sheriff James Woodruff, deputies, state troopers, and rangers with the Department of Natural Resources will patrol the affected area for the next several days. Woodruff issued a warning: “Anyone caught trespassing or committing any illegal activity in the area will be subject to arrest.” Gov. Kemp declared a State of Emergency for the area Sunday morning.

As reported by the FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, “looters are said to have taken advantage of tornado victims in Troup County.” Posting on social media, the TCSO acknowledged it has “received reports of looters and trespassers in the areas that have been impacted by the tornado that touched down early Sunday morning.” Nature’s devastation is a tragedy; the devastation from looters is evil.

D & B Staff

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