Jury Finds Atlanta Man Who Shot Suspected Car Thief Guilty of Murder

Josiah Gilbert, 31 years old, told the Atlanta Police Department (APD) on June 23, 2017 that “he heard someone breaking into his car outside his apartment on Candler Road.” Gilbert also disclosed to the police that “he decided to grab his handgun.”

Gilbert further reported that he “saw the man who he thought was the burglar and fired a round.” Although it is alleged that Gilbert fired a bullet “from nearly 40 yards away,” the bullet hit the man, later identified as Marcus Mitchell, 20 years old, in the back of the head. Reporting asserts that the “man (Mitchell) was running away at the time.”

As reported in 2017, Mitchell was rushed to the hospital. After four days in critical condition, he died. An array of criminal charges was brought against Gilbert. After the completion of the criminal trial, the DeKalb County jury on Friday delivered its verdict Gilbert was “found guilty of voluntary manslaughter, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.” Sentencing is scheduled for Friday, Aug. 25.

Mitchell’s uncle, Typurs Mitchell, said he was “devastated his (Marcus’) life had to end this way.” Typurs Mitchell described the shooting to FOX 5 as “senseless.” Despite what Marcus Mitchell was accused of doing, Typurs opined that Marcus’ criminal action was not “worth taking his life.” Typurs added, “You could have got that car back brother, I can’t get my nephew back.”

D & B Staff

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