Jurassic World Visits Atlanta

Friday, at Atlanta’s Pullman Yards, the multi-media phenomenon, Jurassic World: The Exhibition, began to enthrall audiences. As reported, beyond seeing the “blockbuster Jurassic World movies, now, it’s your chance to star in one of your own!”

The event will be a feast for the eyes, the mind and the imagination. “Jurassic World: The Exhibition” will enable visitors to “step inside” the films and encounter full-sized dinosaurs. Those dinosaurs were created by Animax Designs in Nashville. To view a 3-minute video titled “Jurassic World Opens in Atlanta,” see here.

“It took 18 months to fully design, build, and construct the dinosaurs,” explained Michael Mattox, the company’s executive vice president. Mattox offered a verbal glimpse of the teamwork and effort required to craft these models and the environment for the complete experience. “In my facility in Nashville, we have about 140 people; artists, engineers, creatives, painters, everything you can imagine to make these guys come to life.”

The official site for the event is https://jurassicworldexhibition.com/atlanta/. The promotional literature exclaims that the participant at Jurassic World: The Exhibition, can “get closer to dinosaurs than ever before,” discover the science of Jurassic World, walk in the land of Jurassic giants, and come “face to face” with life-size dinosaurs.

Exhibit creators estimate that “the experience” should take around 45 minutes to an hour for visitors to comprehensively view the exhibition. However, there’s no time limit for visitors once inside. As reported, admission varies by date and time — and tickets are available for purchase here. Jurassic World: The Exhibition is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibit is expected to remain at Pullman Yards (225 Rogers Street Northeast in Atlanta) through at least the summer and fall.

D & B Staff

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