Ignacio “Iggy” Alvarez – Protecting and Representing Your Community

In this episode, the hosts and guest discuss personal stories, achievement, service, faith, overcoming challenges, pursuing a career in law, building bridges, and the importance of having a no excuses mentality. The guest, Ignacio Iggy Alvarez, shares his journey from being a police officer to becoming an attorney and his commitment to giving back to the community.

The conversation emphasizes the power of hard work, making positive choices, and taking risks to achieve success. The conversation covers advice for kids to succeed, following dreams, overcoming obstacles, the role of faith in success, giving back to the community, life lessons from parents, hard work and achieving goals, taking ownership and being accountable, getting life back on track, learning from failure, accountability and leadership, and supporting Ignacio Alvarez for Sheriff.

D&B Staff

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Episode 38