Governor Kemp Signs Legislation To Grow And Train Top-Tier Workforce In Georgia

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has signed multiple pieces of legislation aimed at growing and training a top-tier workforce in the state which will help prepare the tens of thousands of new jobs created by his economic policies. 

“The demand for a well-educated and skilled workforce has never been higher than it is today,” said Kemp. “I am proud to sign legislation that will streamline access to opportunity and help us fill the record-breaking number of jobs on their way to Georgia. Thanks to our partners in the General Assembly, we’re leading the way in training, growing, and retaining a workforce prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.”

The bills signed include HB 163 which “creates a service loan repayment program for medical examiners that provides up to $120,000 per individual for five years of service,” a press release from Kemp’s office explained. 

Kemp also signed SB 246 which provides for student loan repayment for certain nursing instructors. The legislation will help alleviate the shortage of qualified nursing educators and increase the number of nurses in the state.

The Republican governor also signed HB 155, which “streamlines and creates a process to allow the issuance of occupational licenses by endorsement for new workers moving to Georgia – removing barriers for those moving to the state to continue to practice their trade,” and SB 86, which “creates a three-year pilot program to allow eligible dual enrollment students to access HOPE Grant funds for High Demand Career Initiative Fields for eligible Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education Courses.”

D & B Staff

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