Georgia Passes Multiple New Education Bills

On Thursday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed multiple bills into law that focus on education in the state.

One of the bills, the Safe Schools Act (HB 147), helps modernize “school safety protocols by equipping teachers with skills to protect students. It also establishes a voluntary School Safety and Anti-gang Endorsement for teachers to help them spot and prevent gang activity and recruitment in classrooms,” a press release from Kemp’s office explained. 

“In addition to the Safe Schools Act, Governor Kemp signed several other important bills into law, including SB 211, which establishes the Georgia Council on Literacy; HB 538, which provides for evidence-based literacy instruction and for the assessment of student needs and literacy levels; HB 440; which authorizes public and private schools to stock a supply of undesignated ready-to-use glucagon; and SB 45, which allows parents to submit seizure action plans to their child’s school and requires the Department of Education to develop and implement training guidelines and model seizure action plans for use by public schools and school systems,” the press release added.

The Georgia governor also released a statement after signing the bills. 

“I am honored to sign these important bills into law to make our schools both safer and more successful,” said Kemp. “These bills will help improve literacy in our state and ensure our schools have the resources they need to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for both students and teachers. As governor, and as a father of three daughters, I want to make sure every Georgia student can take part in the unprecedented opportunity here in the Peach State.”

D & B Staff

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