Georgia Passes 2024 Budget Focused On Public Safety, Education, Healthcare And Economy

On Friday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the state’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget (HB 19) and HB 408 which focuses on investments in public safety, education, healthcare, workforce development, and much more. 

“For nine years in a row, Georgia has been named the number one state to do business,” Kemp said in a speech discussing the budget. ”That’s not just by chance. It’s because we’re willing to make the tough choices when it matters most, it’s because of our partnership and pro-business approach, it’s because we budget wisely and carefully, and it’s especially because of the resilience of hardworking Georgians.”

“Transformational projects like those we’ve announced over the past two years are great examples of why we need HB 408,” Kemp later said. “That bill extends the sales and use tax exemption for certain projects designated as competitive projects of regional significance, and I’m proud to say that most of the communities that have benefited from this tool are located outside of metro Atlanta.”

“The budget I will sign this afternoon will also help us remain the best state for opportunity,” Kemp explained. “HB 19 funds our priorities and places our state on strong financial footing, keeping us on the road of economic growth even while policies coming out of Washington, D.C. push the country closer to recession.”

“Georgia continues to be the best state to live, work, and raise a family, because we have prioritized education, public safety, healthcare, and economic development, even in the face of truly unprecedented times,” Kemp later added. “Today’s legislation builds on those priorities to make us even stronger and more prosperous.”

D & B Staff

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