Georgia Mail Theft Investigation Involves Several Agencies and Dozens of Victims

Quantorrious Talley, a  22-year-old-man, has allegedly been stealing mail for months.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office has reported that Talley “was taken into custody after a business owner reported him allegedly stealing mail from boxes in March.”

Now the investigation into Talley’s alleged thefts has expanded to engage state and federal agencies. A 1 ½ minute video of a FOX 5 Atlanta report describes dozens of events of mail fraud can be seen here. The video informs that more than a dozen new victims have come forward since the reporting of Talley’s arrest.

Talley, a Newnan man, has been engaging in what has been described as a “mail theft operation.” ´As reported, “Last month deputies raided Talley’s Newnan home and seized printers and dozens of fraudulent checks made out in the names of victims whose personal information had been stolen in the mail.”

As Fox 5 first reported, “authorities asked for potential mail theft victims to contact them after they arrested Talley because they believed there were additional victims.” Dozens of victims have contacted police since FOX 5 aired the story. Talley also is alleged to have committed mail theft crimes in several jurisdictions.

The financial damage inflicted by Talley has been considerable. Coweta County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Toby Nix told FOX 5 that the “investigator on the case learned from a lead investigator at a local bank that since March, there have been over 500 fraudulent accounts opened with their branch with nearly $4 million in losses.” The GBI and the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office are now involved in this case.

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