Georgia Legislature Advances Income And Property Tax Refunds

On Thursday, Georgia lawmakers voted to approve Republican-led legislation that would grant income and property tax refunds to Georgians. 

The Georgia state Senate voted 54-1 to approve House Bill 18, which includes $2.4 billion in additional spending after Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp projected increased revenue. 

The legislation includes $1 billion in property tax rebates for homeowners, and would also divert $1.1 billion in state revenue to the Department of Transportation to make up for fuel tax revenue that has been lost during the time Georgia’s gas and diesel taxes were suspended, according to Fox 5 Atlanta

The Georgie House also voted to approve House Bill 162, which would grant income tax refunds between $250 and $500 to individuals who paid Georgia state income tax in 2021 and 2022.

The House also voted unanimously in favor of House Resolution 66, which “ratified the governor’s decision to keep extending what had originally been legislated as a six-week holiday on gasoline and diesel taxes last spring,” Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

D & B Staff

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