Georgia House Passes Republican-Sponsored Bill To Expand Financial Assistance Access To Pregnant Women

On Monday, the Georgia state House voted to pass a bill that expands government financial assistance to pregnant women. 

House Bill 129 would allow poor pregnant women to seek financial assistance under the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. 

Representatives voted 173-1 to pass the legislation. It now moves to the Senate for further debate. 

“There are a lot of very needy families that are taking advantage of TANF benefits and this bill would expand that to pregnant women,” said Republican Rep. Soo Hong, who is sponsoring the bill. 

“I’m proud to have presented and passed my first bill in the State House helping our most needy mothers and babies!” Hong added on Twitter.

Kemp also responded to the news on Twitter, writing, “Thank you to the Georgia House of Representatives for passing HB 129 with overwhelming, bi-partisan support today.”

“We look forward to similar support in the State Senate for this bill that will expand TANF eligibility to pregnant women,” he added.

D & B Staff

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