Georgia House Approves Bill Protecting Children From Trans Surgeries Despite Democrat Opposition

On Thursday, the Georgia state House approved a measure that would protect children from undergoing gender changing surgeries and irreversible hormonal therapies – despite wide Democrat opposition. 

The bill was approved in a 96-75 vote, with many Democrats voting against it. The bill would still allow doctors to prescribe puberty blockers, which also have irreversible effects.

“As parents, our role is to help our kids navigate through the confusion of growing up in a society that is often oversexualized and wants to place children in situations to make adult decisions they are not capable of making,” said Rep. Josh Bonner, a Fayetteville Republican who presented the bill.

Rep. Will Wade, a Dawsonville Republican, added that it is too easy for children to obtain life-altering hormones or surgery and explained that the willingness to provide such procedures would be proven wrong in time.

“The ideas that a child’s declaration of their gender identity should clear any obstacles to irreversible gender transition surgery stems more from extreme political orthodoxy than from what’s in the best interest, the long-term interests, of the child,” said Wade.

D & B Staff

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