Georgia Home Depot Employees Volunteering To Prep Kits For Future Hurricane Victims

Just two weeks ahead of the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, Home Depot employees in the Atlanta area are volunteering to help arrange preparations to help future victims impacted by the storms. 

“They are going non-stop without a beat, moving and shaking,” said senior manager Joe Wimberley, according to Fox 5 Atlanta

Wimberley is in charge of the one-day Home Depot Foundation operation in McDonough.

“In the kits, we have a variety of things,” Wimberley said. “Gloves, paper towels – We also have cleaning agents.”

“When families are impacted by these disasters, [the] last thing they need to do is focus on all the things they need all at once,” he said.

The goal is to prepare 5,500 kits ahead of time, so they are ready to help future victims trying to rebuild.

“And their number one priority is making sure they get them completed, so we can get them out and into our distribution centers,” Wimberley said. “The next tornado could happen tomorrow, and we could be ready for that.”

The kits are expected to be transported for distribution in McDonough, Savannah and Baytown, Texas. 

According to the report, Chris Tolle explained to the outlet how he has seen the impact of the foundation’s relief.

“There was a whole house that was taken off its foundation and literally laid out on the ground like it was a puzzle,” Tolle said.

Tolle spent two days in Griffin helping his neighbors rebuild after tornadoes passed through the area in January. 

“So, it’s really shocking at first to see all the stuff they go through and what they are having to deal with, but it really makes you feel good after you start helping people clean up their stuff and get back to a normal life,” he said.

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