Georgia Businessman Death Ruled Accidental Drug Overdose

Cocaine and fentanyl were found in the system of Georgia businessman Nathan Millard after testing was done on his body. Forty-two years old, Millard was from Covington, Georgia. His body was found wrapped in a rug earlier this month after he went missing in Baton Rouge. As reported, “the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner Dr. William “Beau” Clark ruled Millard’s cause of death as the combined effects of fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol and his manner of death as accidental.” The coroner concluded Millard died from an overdose of drugs.

Presented in the post is a summary of Millard’s last few days. Millard “was reported missing after last being seen the night of Feb. 23 in downtown Baton Rouge while on a business trip. His body was later discovered on March 6 wrapped in plastic and a rug about three miles from the pub he was last seen in.” As reported, “an autopsy report showed no evidence of internal or external trauma.”

Baton Rouge police allege that two people who are “tied to the case, 45-year-old Derrick Perkins, and Tiffany Ann Guidry, have been arrested.” A third person, Tabbetha Barner, is still at large and is “wanted on charges of prostitution and failure to seek assistance.”

Facts alleged in arrest warrants claim that “Millard was doing drugs with the two women at a house in south Baton Rouge when he lost consciousness.” One or more warrants elaborate, stating that “Perkins attempted to revive him with Narcan but was unsuccessful.” According to investigators, “Perkins had Guidry help him roll up Millard in the rug he was lying on when he died. They then loaded the body into the trunk of Perkins’ car before dumping the body outside a funeral home.”

In a news release sent to FOX 5, Clark stated “Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Mr. Millard’s family and friends.”

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