GBI, Georgia Deputies Rescue Human Trafficking Victim

An Ohio man led police officers on a highway chase through Greensboro before he was “taken down” and arrested in Georgia. After his capture, he was charged with trafficking a 16-year-old girl from South Carolina.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office spotted 32-year-old Anthony Holmes of Cleveland, Ohio and an adult woman driving along the highway on Aug. 2. The teenage female was found in their car. The official statement of the police was that “they were performing an interdiction on the roadway, stopping multiple cars.” As reported, “Holmes refused to stop and sped away.”

The Taliaferro County Sheriff’s Office joined Greene County deputies in the pursuit and performed a tactical action called a “pit maneuver.” After Holmes’ car collided with one or more police vehicles, deputies said they “noticed multiple red flags indicated the teenager was being sex trafficked.” They called the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Human Exploitation and Trafficking (HEAT) Unit and “discovered she had been sold for sex in multiple locations around metro Atlanta.”

The teen had been reported as a missing runaway out of Ohio, but the FBI and authorities in South Carolina, where she was from, confirmed the GBI’s findings.

Holmes was charged with an array of crimes, including but not limited to human trafficking, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and contributing to the delinquency if a minor. He was booked into the Greene County Jail. Officials believe the woman in the car helped Holmes take the girl from South Carolina to Atlanta, but, currently, there is no disclosure of any charges she may face.

D & B Staff

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