Gaming Sci-Fi Convention Raises $200K to Fight Cancer

Dragon Con is the title of the convention that just completed its 2023 event on Monday afternoon in downtown Atlanta. Details on the data illustrate that “more than 70,000 fans attended” the event described as a “pop culture, fantasy, sci-fi and gaming convention.” News reports claim the convention was “sold out” and that fans were attracted “from around the world.”

The convention had been held “across the city at multiple host locations such as the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the Atlanta Hilton, and the Sheraton Atlanta.” Events related to the convention included parties, workshops, and panel discussions. The numerous fans “collected autographs, played games and purchased merchandise from hundreds of vendors.” Additionally, “on Saturday morning, thousands of residents and fans attended the parade on Peachtree Street that was open to the public.”

An arguably larger purpose was achieved in addition to the enjoyment and games: at least “$200,000 was raised for this year’s charity — CURE Childhood Cancer. Dragon Con has raised more than $1.23 million for charity over the last 10 years.”

As Dragon Con 2023 approached, organizers began energizing fans by informing of the forthcoming panel discussions and of “celebrities” that were expected to attend and or participate in the event. “Some celebrities will participate on panels, some will perform, and others may show up as regular attendees.” The list of “Guests of Honor” includes Julie Bell (Artist Guest of Honor, Illustrator, Fantasy and wildlife artist and model) and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Literary Guest of Honor, Horror Grand Master, and Author of the Saint-Germain series.)

The list of performers includes The Cybertronic Spree, Cruxshadows, Wasted Wine and about twenty others.

D & B Staff

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