Firefighters Say Atlanta Public Safety Training Center Will Help Save Lives

While leftist rioters have consistently rioted in protest against the construction site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, firefighters say they believe the facility will be a game-changer in helping them save lives.

The facility, which has been the target of numerous domestic terrorist attacks by leftists who call it “Cop City,” is considered by firefighters to be the only place that will have the capability to allow joint-training exercises between police officers and firefighters.

According to Nate Bailey, a firefighter for the Atlanta Fire Department, the facility will help alleviate current limitations afflicting fire instructors. 

“We have more than two hundred vacancies now because we do not have enough space to teach multiple classes at the same time,” Bailey said, per Fox 5 Atlanta

The lack of firefighter personnel has required the city department to depend on overtime to man the trucks. 

“And that overtime bill runs $12 million dollars a year,” Bailey added. 

Opponents of the facility have engaged in violent riots and domestic terrorism, including recently setting equipment on fire and throwing explosives at police officers. 

They also recently orchestrated a violent ambush on police officers, and have hidden “life-threatening” booby traps around the construction area targeting police officers.

D & B Staff

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