Farmer’s Market Brings Fresh Produce to SW Atlanta Food Desert

Reporting described an area of southwest Atlanta as a “food desert.”  Through the efforts of Rhinehart Farmer’s Market, fresh produce in “the desert” has become increasingly available.

Adrina Rhinehart has been identified as a spokeswoman for the Famers Market community. Rhinehart informs that “having fresh fruits and vegetables is a small thing that can make a big difference in the community.” Her Rhinehart Farmer’s Market just opened along Countyline Road.

Rhinehart sees a spiritual aspect in consuming fresh produce. “When you take those fruits and vegetables home and you cook it, it’s in your soul,” she said. From Atlanta, Rhinehart’s “farming roots go back to her days helping her grandparents.” In a statement to FOX 5, Rhinehart elaborated. “My grandparents had a farm in Aiken, South Carolina. Every summer we would go out and help on the farm. I learned to appreciate it even more.”

Even during the “pandemic,” Rhinehart was sufficiently creative to see a positive opportunity.  As she started growing food in her backyard, she had the insight to envision that her “garden could grow into something bigger.” Rhinehart explained: “I was able to share some of the harvest during that time. I noticed that a lot of people weren’t able to get some of those things.” Rhinehart added: “OK, this is something I can help in the community with.”

Rhinehart became entrepreneurial. She started with a mobile market. As shared in  some reporting, “That’s where Elaine Williams first began shopping.” Williams “now drives 5 miles, passing other stores to support the business.”

“I like the produce. It’s really economical,” Williams is quoted as saying. “When I found out they were going to do a storefront I’m like, I gotta follow them.” Rhinehart has made the desert bloom.

D & B Staff

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