Family Holds Funeral For 12-Year-Old Zyion Charles Killed In Atlanta Shooting

Over the weekend, one of the two children killed in Atlanta, Georgia, at a shooting near Atlantic Station was laid to rest.

The funeral for 12-year-old Zyion Charles was held by his family three weeks after the shooting that killed him and 15-year-old Cameron Jackson.

“It’s not fair. It was a whole, now it’s a half,” the child’s twin sister Zyrhia said. “I don’t have him no more.”

The two children who were killed were two of six young people shot in the shooting on November 26. Two more children – a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old – have been arrested in connection with the shooting and charged with two counts of murder, aggravated assault and a gang-related charge.

Zyion Charles’ mother also recently attended an Atlanta City Council meeting to discuss her loss and the city’s epidemic of gun violence involving children.

Ms. Charles said her son became caught up with other children who she described as bad influences involved in crime, like committing car break-ins.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, Ms. Charles “told council members she had asked a police officer to place her son into custody 7 days before the shooting, but was told juvenile authorities would not keep him due to its point formula for detention. She also said she reached out to Atlanta Police multiple times about her son.”

“According to the mother, she was told the crime of car larceny would not be serious enough for a teen to be held in detention,” Fox 5 Atlanta added. “The mother and other family members spoke with heavy hearts telling city leaders how they were unable to help the boy.”

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