Nicole Hill: The Power of Determination

In this episode, Nicole Hill, MSN, RN, who has been a registered nurse for almost 22 years and now owns her own business, joined the Doc and the Block podcast. She attributes her success to faith, perseverance, and having mentors who believed in her and helped her overcome challenges to become successful.

Hill grew up in a small town, Colquitt, Georgia, with a population of just a few thousand people. She was raised by her grandmother in a housing authority community. Her parents were also present in her life and worked very hard to take care of their family. Hill also started young in helping herself. At age 14, she started doing hair and by age 16, she got her first job in her hometown grocery store.

Hill says two important factors inspired her to become a nurse. First, when Hill was 16 her mother had a brain aneurysm and was in the ICU for about a month while she recovered. Thanks to the help of nurses and doctors, her life was saved. Second, Hill had a teacher in high school who was a nurse and consistently encouraged Hill to become a nurse. This teacher acted as a mentor and gave Hill her first stethoscope and blood pressure cuff kit.

By the age of 24, Hill had her first child and a few family members disapproved and assumed that she had messed her life up. Hill, however, felt like now she had something extra to prove. A year later, she bought her first house, and a few years after that, she returned to school and received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Hill says she encountered criticism and even racism during her time in nursing school and during her career as a nurse, but she says she knew she was good at her job so she would “just smile and keep going.”

In 2016, Hill says she began to feel burned out in her career as a nurse and decided she wanted to pursue something different. So, in 2019, Hill opened Reset Wellness Bar, which focuses on overall wellness and beauty. RWB specializes in IV Hydration, Weight Loss and PostOp care. Her business has become successful, and she now teaches other nurses and healthcare professionals how to start their own businesses by leveraging their current nurses skills.

During the episode, Hill discusses her story and underlines the importance of not making excuses and taking action to achieve goals. She also talks about empowering the next generation and instilling a strong work ethic in her daughter.

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