Bishop EW Jackson: Define Yourself, Set Your Own Goals and Turn To God

Bishop Earl Walker Jackson shares his inspiring journey from growing up in foster care to becoming a Harvard attorney and a Marine Corps member. He emphasizes the power of personal culture and the role of positive habits in overcoming challenges and building a better life. Bishop Jackson highlights the importance of faith and the impact of mentors and guidance in finding purpose and achieving success. He encourages individuals to define themselves and focus on their own vision, while also emphasizing the significance of writing down goals and surrounding oneself with a supportive community. The conversation explores the theme of overcoming challenges and appreciating individuals, emphasizing that everyone faces difficulties and has the potential to succeed. It also highlights the importance of recognizing God’s plan for each person and seeking guidance from Him. The guest, Bishop Earl Walker Jackson, shares his personal experiences and encourages listeners to read the book about Booker T. Washington. The conversation concludes with information on where to find more about Bishop Jackson.

D&B Staff

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Episode 33