Ep 36 – Dr. J: Play your best, keep your promises and always have a backup plan

In this episode, former National Basketball Association (NBA) player Julius Erving, widely known as Dr. J, joined the Doc and the Block podcast to discuss his upbringing and how he was able to become a legendary basketball player.

Erving was born in Hempstead, Long Island, and his father left the family when he was only three. Erving’s family lived in a public housing project until he was 13 when they moved to the nearby town of Roosevelt. There, he worked hard at school and sports to achieve both academic and athletic success. After high school, Erving attended University of Massachusetts where he played basketball and broke freshman records for scoring and rebounding. After his junior year, he left university to play professionally. 

Erving played for the American Basketball Association (ABA) for the Virginia Squires and New York Nets before the ABA merged with the NBA. During this time, he won three championships, four Most Valuable Player awards, and three scoring titles. Erving is the only player to be voted Most Valuable Player for both the ABA and NBA. In 1993, Erving was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. 

During the episode, Erving discusses how he overcame obstacles in his childhood and his journey to becoming one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Dr. J: Play your best, keep your promises and always have a backup plan

D&B Staff

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