Ep 22 Todd Price – Excuses Hinder Success

In this episode, entrepreneur and philanthropist Todd Price joined the Doc and the Block podcast to discuss his journey from rock bottom to achieving success.

Price did not go to college and instead went into the gym industry directly after high school. He explains that those in the gym industry largely lived a party lifestyle, and that is how his addiction to alcohol began. 

Price tells stories of times his addiction nearly caused him to lose his life, including a time when he was jumped and beaten by nine guys with a wrench which led to him requiring his jaw to be wired shut for nearly half a year. 

However, Price said that it was not until he got in a hit and run accident that he decided to quit drinking alcohol. While the crash was minor, he explained that the incident was an eyeopener for how his addiction could lead to him hurting others. 

Price will be 13 years sober in November, and he has since opened up multiple organizations including Perimeter Cares, which is a non-profit that aims to settle outstanding debt for kids in school on their behalf so they can eat a meal.

Todd Price – Excuses Hinder Success

D&B Staff

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