Ep. 17 Curtis Daniels III – Taking Risks and Setting Examples

Curtis Daniel III, who currently co-owns and operates PatchWerk Recording Studios in Atlanta, joined the Doc and the Block podcast to discuss the obstacles he overcame and the risks he took to achieve success. 

PatchWerk Recording Studio is home to over a dozen Grammy-nominated audio engineers and more than 100 gold and platinum records. The studio was the start for artists like Drake, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. 

In the episode, Daniel discusses his time playing football which was stopped by a career-ending injury in college. After the injury Daniel and his best friend and recently drafted Atlanta Falcon Bob Whitfield started the studio during efforts to help their high school friend and rapper Ras Kass get a record deal. 

Daniel credits his success to good decision making and perseverance, a mindset he says was instilled in him by his parents. He says his mom told him “you can do anything, there’s not anything that you can’t do, as long as you work at it.”

Curtis Daniels III – Taking Risks and Setting Examples

D&B Staff

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