Doc And The Block Holds Anti-Gang Violence Event

Through the Big Timers Foundation, Russell “Big Block” Spencer and Scott “the Doc” Barbour hosted an event over the weekend to help dissuade middle schoolers from at-risk communities from gang activity. 

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, data from the National Gang Center found that “the most common age to join a gang is 15, although it says kids are often exposed to gang activity between ages 12 and 14.” The Georgia Gang Investigators Association says the state has “around 71,000 gang affiliates with 1500 suspected gang networks.”

Big Block Spencer, Dr. Scott Barbour were joined by UFC Fighter Cody Durden and other big names to speak to the young audience. 

“Put God first. Find somebody successful, you know what I’m saying? Copy some of that stuff if you got to,” Big Block Spencer said. 

“They’re at that vulnerable time in life where they can make decisions that will either negatively or positively impact their lives,” Dr. Scott Barbour said.

“This is when the kids really start finding out who they are and what they want to be in life, and it’s important to talk to them early and get the kids to try to be successful in their own way,” UFC Fighter Cody Durden added.

D & B Staff

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