Clayton County Mother Arrested for Shooting Death of Her 10-year-old Child

A 10-year-old child died in Clayton County from a gunshot wound on July 6. Brittany Parks, a mother living in Clayton County, claimed during an interview with Clayton County police officers, “that she was unloading her handgun in another room when it discharged.” Parks expressed her belief that “the bullet went through a wall and struck the child.”

Brittany Parks has been placed under arrest. As reported, “Police officers were called to Grady Memorial Hospital after the child died.” A preliminary investigation revealed that the child had been transported to the hospital by Parks, the 34-year-old mother, and her boyfriend.

According to police reporting, “As the interviews continued with Parks and her boyfriend, the stories began to change.” At some point, the investigating officers concluded that “probable cause” for arresting Parks existed “based on all accounts of the incident given to police.” Police have disclosed that Parks is facing involuntary manslaughter, cruelty to children (2nd degree); and reckless conduct charges. A photo of Brittany Parks can be seen here.

D & B Staff

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