Child’s Body May Be 2-year-old Missing Toddler

East Point police said they found the body of a child on Wednesday at the East Point transfer station on South Martin Street. Two-year-old J’Asiah Mitchell has been missing “since the night of Aug. 16 when his father, 23-year-old Artavious North told police the boy was kidnapped at the Aspen Woods Apartments on Flat Shoals Road.” As reported, North claimed a group of armed robbers cut him off as he was leaving the apartment complex and took the child.

Police reported two days ago that North was considered a “person of interest.” As reported today (Wednesday), “the search for a 2-year-old East Point boy who has been missing for a week after his father reported him kidnapped may have come to a tragic end.” Police issued a statement declaring that “they suspected the body to be that of J’Asiah Mitchell.”

Background information discloses that investigators believe the “body had been out in the elements for several days.” A forensic pathologist will soon issue a report that will “identify the body.” Police have since taken North in custody on charges of lying to police. They said they had reason to believe the toddler had not been kidnapped and that North was involved in the boy’s disappearance.

Several of North’s family members have been pleading with him to be forthright and honest regarding the disappearance and, now, apparent death of J’Asiah. East Point Chief Shawn Buchanan disclosed that North’s family members have entreated him to “Tell the truth.” Buchanan informed that North is “not being cooperative.”

Great effort has been expended in the search for the toddler. “Over the weekend, authorities drained a pond near the apartment complex where North and his girlfriend lived.” As reported, they “did not find anything.”

The family of the toddler is now asking the public for money through a GoFundMe account to raise money to search for the toddler. Leriesa Mitchell, the child’s maternal grandmother said, “We want to pay for helicopters, ground-wise, air-wise, drones, state-to-state, whatever we need to do to look for my grandchild.” Police stated, “they doubted North’s story the night he called the boy’s mother claiming he had been taken.” The specific charges that will be or may be brought against North have not been disclosed.

D & B Staff

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