Beneath Contempt! Attempted Vandalism of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birth Home

An attempt to vandalize the Atlanta birth home of Martin Luther King, Jr. occurred Thursday afternoon. Officers arrived at the scene at approximately 5:45 p.m. One person has been detained and his identity has not been released as of the most recent news reporting.

The home is located along Auburn Avenue just blocks from the King Center, King National Historical Park, and the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. As reported, the home has been “undergoing renovations for the past couple of weeks.” Without explanation, news reporting indicated “it was not clear that the person being held would be charged.” Additionally, the reporting asserted that “the details surrounding the type of vandalism were not immediately known.”

Background information informs that the home, referred to as the birth home, was built in 1895. The structure is described as a “framed two-story Queen-Anne style structure,” and has “played a pivotal role in commemorating the early life of the civil rights icon and his siblings.”

Reporting provides details of the substantial renovation work being done. For example, the renovation projects address “major structural and system improvements, including electrical, HVAC, and fire suppression.” Structural “enhancements” on crawlspaces, window and door repairs, exterior siding and driveway re-paving, among other enhancements, are being performed. Renovations are expected to be completed at the end of 2025. The home will be closed until the project is finished.

D & B Staff

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