Back-to-Back Champs Georgia Bulldogs Decline a White House Visit

The Georgia Bulldogs football team have won two consecutive national championships. The Bulldogs (15-0) are the first repeat champs in major college football since Alabama went back-to-back a decade ago. The White House extended an invitation to the White House for June 12. The Georgia Bulldogs declined.

The reason cited by the University of Georgia’s athletics department was the date that the visit was offered. A public statement made by a spokesperson for the UGA athletic department told The Atlantic explained: “Unfortunately, the date suggested is not feasible given the student-athlete calendar and time of year. However, we are appreciative of the invitation and look forward to other opportunities for Georgia teams moving forward.”

A summary review relating to whether an invitation to visit the White House last year after the Bulldog’s first national championship victory indicates that the customary visit offered national champion teams was not offered “due to COVID-19 safety precautions.”

Earlier this year, “there were concerns” the White House, as was described in some reporting, would again snub the team. However, politics triumphed and the team received an invitation after a bipartisan request from Georgia lawmakers.

D & B Staff

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