Atlanta Security Guard Killed by Car Burglars

An Atlanta security guard is dead from reportedly being “shot while on duty by a pair of would-be car burglars early Monday morning.” Atlanta police say the shooting happened around 2 a.m. near the intersection of 3rd Street and Spring Street. Homicide investigators placed multiple evidence markers in the roadway in front of a parking garage.

According to investigators, “the security guard had tried to stop two people attempting to break into vehicles inside the garage.” As the two fled in a car, police say the burglars started shooting. At least one shot hit the security guard. who did not survive the injury. The identify of the security guard has not been released. He was described only “as a man in his early 30s.”

A recent revision to the explanation of the development of the shooting event has emerged. Atlanta Police Department (APD) affirms the shooting did occur at about 2 a.m. Monday, Aug. 28, on Spring Street in Midtown. Officers arrived to find a man who is now described as a “33-year-old man shot in the neck.” A preliminary report stated: “He wasn’t alert or breathing and died at the scene.”

However, the APD now asserts the man was “an innocent bystander” caught in the chaos as the thieves fled the scene. “Authorities confirmed the man was a security officer, but not at the garage where he was shot.” Background information discloses that “a group of people were leaving a nearby club and caught the suspects in the act when they returned to their car.”

The reporting continues: “Shots were fired, though it’s not clear who fired first.” The reporting concluded that: “As the suspects fled, investigators said the men started shooting randomly into the deck, hitting the security guard.”

D & B Staff

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