Atlanta Public School Board Does Not Renew Superintendent’s Contract

Dr. Lisa Herring is the current superintendent of the Atlanta Public Schools. The school board announced Friday (today) that it will not renew her contract.

A brief recent history of the superintendent position shows that Herring was hired in May 2020 to replace Meria Carstarphen. As reported, “In a news release, APS stated the school board came to the decision to end Herring’s tenure on June 30, 2024.” Specific reasons for ending Herring’s tenure have not been reported.

Herring released a statement saying, “In December of 2022, I received my last performance evaluation and satisfactory feedback with emphasis on the focus of additional engagement and stronger communications efforts. I have worked diligently to honor the work and expectations of our board and community.”

Herring acknowledged the “challenges” that have confronted the school district since she took over as superintendent. Herring is attributed as stating: “These recent years have been marked with incredible moments punctuated by the COVID-19 pandemic that challenged me as a leader, our educators and our scholars alike.” Specific illumination of the details of those challenges has not been reported.

Herring elaborated on the demands placed upon her as superintendent and upon the district generally. “Yet, these moments also highlighted our collective resilience, innovation, ingenuity, perseverance and strength that remain a hallmark of our district’s 150-year legacy.” As reported, “prior to coming to Atlanta, Herring served as superintendent for schools in Birmingham, Alabama.”

D & B Staff

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