Atlanta Makes an Historic Investment in Updated Fire Fighting Equipment

In an historic investment, the Atlanta City Council has unanimously agreed to spend $18.2M to enable the Atlanta Fire Department to purchase a new fleet of vehicles to address the reported equipment shortage.

The City Council’s unanimous vote authorizing the expenditure occurred Monday night. As reported, the shortage of equipment for Atlanta Fire and Rescue has been resolved.  Additional reporting can be accessed on this link: Atlanta leader seeks millions to replace partly defunct fire fleet.

Background information discloses that “emergency calls for the fire and rescue teams have doubled since 2022.” Potentially life-threatening safety circumstances have developed. “Atlanta Fire Chief Rodrick Smith admitted the loss of operable fire engines and ladder trucks led them to temporarily shut down at least three fire stations.”

Councilman Dustin Hillis is quoted as exclaiming that “he was losing sleep over the danger that posed to citizens across the city.” The sense of urgency pervaded the discussions among the Council members. For example, Councilwoman Keisha Sean-Waites is reported to have told “FOX 5 she would make it priority to reopen those stations as soon as possible.” Sean-Waites emphasized, pointing out that lives were at risk: “Seconds matter.”

Sections of a statement released by Hillis stated:

“With the passage of these two pieces of legislation, the City Council and Mayor Dickens have made a historic investment of over $18 million into our Atlanta Fire Rescue Department. Additionally, we are seeking the approval of another $5 million from Invest Atlanta to purchase additional fire apparatus for three fire stations within two of our Tax Allocation Districts”

Hillis identified the equipment which will be purchased, which included “eight fire engines, one ladder truck, one utility truck, two swift water rescue jet boats, all new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs), and all new heart monitors/defibrillators (AEDs).”

Mayor Andre Dickens commented on the prudence of the new investments in public safety projects. Yesterday, the City Council unanimously passed two pieces of legislation approving over $40 million of vital investments into the City’s public safety equipment. Legislation like this allows us to continue the implementation of our One Safe City plan which is focused on making all of our neighborhoods safe and welcoming for both residents and visitors.”

D & B Staff

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