Atlanta Law Enforcement Clashes with Thugs at Training Facility Property

Another attack, euphemistically described as a “clash,” by thugs and opportunistic criminals on the Atlanta-area law enforcement at the property where a training center will be constructed.  Law enforcement “detained” about thirty-five people referred to as “protestors” after they attacked law enforcement by burning property, hurling bricks and throwing debris.

As reported by the police, “Thirty-five people were detained by officers at a police training center under development outside Atlanta after they clashed with law enforcement Sunday.” As of that reporting, “it wasn’t clear if the 35 were under arrest and, if so, what charges were being recommended.” Also, the reporting did not inform the background of those arrested—whether they were local—and what could be expected from the prosecutors and judges regarding the arrests.

“The clashes erupted in the late afternoon and were punctuated by a few fires and the sound of firecrackers at the forested site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center in DeKalb County, south of Atlanta.” The assertions made by the police include the observation that “a group of “outside agitators” showed up, changed into black clothing, and mounted a “coordinated attack on construction equipment and police officers.”” The police statement elaborated: “They began to throw large rocks, bricks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers.”

Part of the attack focused on the area under construction, the department said.

Organizers and supporters, it was reported, alleged the “clashes” took place amid a weekend concert, the South River Music Festival, and that most attendees were allowed to leave via shuttle or their own vehicles.” In various media reporting, police are quoted as saying the music event was designed and or used to provide cover for the opportunistic and violent criminal behavior.

Not unexpectedly, perspectives on the violence differ. “The Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which helps bail out people arrested at demonstrations, tweeted, “Police seem to be lashing out at anyone present at the music festival.”” Those involved in or were at the music event in solidarity, it would seem, with the attackers, accused the police of “using excessive force to break up a family-friendly music festival.”

The police claim the demonstrators “could have caused “bodily harm”” and that the “Officers exercised restraint and used non-lethal enforcement to conduct arrests.”

Look at the video embedded in the article. An Atlanta law enforcement officer asserted that the attack on law enforcement and the Atlanta construction site was violent and coordinated. Many of the attackers were dressed in black; many wore masks or partial masks. A police spokesman asserted that “this criminal activity will not be tolerated in Atlanta nor with this project.”

D & B Staff

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