An Angry Atlanta Passenger Beat Up A Spirit Airlines Manager

An airline passenger at Atlanta airport beat up a Spirit Airlines manager. Police say the passenger “tackled a Spirit Airlines manager in an apparent dispute over a flight.” A video showing the assault can be seen here.

The assault occurred this past Sunday, describing Sunday as “one of the busiest travel days of the week.” The attacker has been identified as Que Maria Scott, described as being 29-years old.

As reported, Scott “had just been told her flight privileges had been denied.” The denied flight privilege or privileges was or were not identified. A list of Spirit Airlines flight privileges can be found here. Privileges include “discounts on ticket upgrades including Shortcut Security, Shortcut Boarding and flexible tickets.”

As reported, “Shocked onlookers at Gate D2 rushed to the aid of the worker. They struggled but did pull Scott off the employee.” According to reports, Scott was from the Philadelphia area. As Scott “gathered her carry-on bag and prepared to leave the gate, she made a jaw-dropping announcement.” Scott “told the stunned onlookers that she was pregnant.”

An officer who was coming down the concourse saw Scott and stopped her. “Bodycam footage provided by Atlanta Police Department shows the arrest. Scott has been charged with battery and disorderly conduct.”

Scott’s declaration of her alleged pregnancy did not prevent her from being transported to the Clayton County Jail. As reported, “Spirit is one of the few airlines that would bring on off-duty officers to monitor its gates in the past. That deployment has apparently been discontinued.”

Some bystanders claimed the irate woman who assaulted the gate agent smelled of alcohol. A 2.7-minute video which described Scott’s action as taking the Spirit Airlines agent “to the ground” can be seen here. A prosecutor was quoted in the video attributed bad behavior, at least partially, to “airport stress.”

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